Sponsored Releases

We are committed to releasing a number of regular chapters each week. To read more translated chapters, we will be releasing them as sponsored chapters.

Click here to learn more about the release schedule

For every $60 in donations that have been accumulated, we will release an additional chapter on top of the regular chapters weekly.

Regardless of the amount, all sponsors will also be mentioned in the upcoming post announcing chapters, unless there is a wish to remain anonymous. (Do leave a note on paypal or email us at omatranslations@gmail.com)

A note of thanks is also always appreciated~!
Lastly, thank you all for your warm gesture and support (:

With Love,

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2 thoughts on “Sponsored Releases

  1. fakenamefff

    $60 seems a bit much, far higher than most TLers. I suggest you drop it to $40 (or even lower), then also consider doing bonus chapters to increase interest (more chapters until you get a good following). TMW started strong when it was 1 chapter a day, but interest dropped when the TL speed dropped.

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    1. countgrey

      It’s not that high. Some people want $80+ per sponsored chapter. It all comes down to how much time and effort the translator needs to spend for each chapter, plus how much free time the translator has.

      Some people supplement their income by translating, so they go for a lower donation rate to encourage more sponsors. Other people translate as a hobby, and can’t afford to put their life on pause because they have to translate a bunch of bonus chapters or risk their reputation.

      Considering the above points, $60/bonus chapter is a reasonable donation goal. Besides, we all know that if all readers donated just $1, the queue of sponsored chapters will never end.



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