Release Schedule

Update 13/06/2016: Refer to latest notice



Days are based on a +8 GMT Timezone (here in Singapore), and we’ll usually post at midnight.

Regular Chapters per week: 3 WMW/1 DBWG

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun


*While we strive to release any sponsored chapters within 24 hours, some releases may be delayed due to real life commitments. Your understanding is appreciated*

14 thoughts on “Release Schedule

  1. ashreadsmanga

    Hi OMA,
    I have a doubt: it is mentioned as two DBWG chapters per week, but last week we only got one(Ch67). Would you make up for it soon? Though I do like WMW, I am very fond of DBWG .
    Thanks in advance for when you reply to this.


  2. samiul404

    thank you….
    you guys don’t know how grateful I am to know that you’re focusing on this awesome novel…..instead of wasting time on that dreadful thing ….I hope it stays on hiatus forever


    1. fra

      Hahaha… Even though I wouldn’t call it ‘dreadful thing’, I too am glad that he decided to put DBWG on hiatus, definitely not one of the novels I look forward to being translated, and focus exclusively on WMW:)


  3. Zazabon

    DBWG has 3k+ chapters with a schechule of 2 chapter + 2 sponsered this will around 30 year to finish 😮

    I hope others translator will you help finish this project before my grandchildren appear…



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