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Welcome to ONE MAN ARMY Translations~!

WMW Release Schedule: 3 Regular Chapters Per Week

DBWG Release Schedule: 2 Regular Chapter Per Week



13 thoughts on “About

  1. Kazekid

    The user /u/OMATranslations has requested a flair on reddit. Can I please get some confirmation for that username? I know that it’s probably legit, but we need to check just in case.


    1. countgrey

      There was a big movement by Naver to translate chapters themselves. If I recall correctly, they now have their own English language webtoon reader.


  2. olth

    Could you please change it back, so that you can go to the ‘Chapter site’ (or whatever) from the home page? Now you need to click at the title and then the button to the ‘Chapter site’. The Logo is left and right ‘cutted’ (or how you would describe that), or better said you can’t see the whole logo.

    Sorry for mistakes, I’m not native American or whatever. I’m from Germany. 😀



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