All WMW chapters have been moved to WuxiaWorld!

All DBWG chapters have been moved to Shiroyukineko!

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  1. u233blog

    Thanks for all the translations. I haven’t tried Wuxiaworld before but I will now.

    But… what’s going on with the pending sponsored chapter of WMW?


    1. u233blog

      Ah, I see ch139 (probably the sponsored chapter) is already up, it’s just that a lot of the links and tables of content are broken atm so I couldn’t see it except from


  2. Rapture

    Hey OMA, thx for the work and welcome to WuxiaWorld !
    I want to raise an issue and i know i should not say it but as a lover of DBWG i feel like i have too ask it and i hope i can at least get an answer from you.
    The releases of DBWG have been slow but at least once a week so i was still happy even with the slow releases. Unfornutately you are now saying that we will have a release once or twice a month and you guys are concentrating of WMW. As a lover of DBWG and for the other lovers of this novel i feel the need to ask this and i know i shouldn’t but i still need to and i don’t want to be disrespectful.
    At the end of the day this is your novel that you guys translated until what we have today So whatever you decide to do, i will respect the decision and still be happy.

    Now the big questions that i feel the need to ask is : can’t you guys leave DBWG to someone else who will be able to translate more chapters a week since you guys are concentrating yourselves on WMW ?

    I mean no offense and i truly appreciate your work on this two novels that i love so thank you and again whatever decision you chose, i won’t complain and i will be happy but i felt the need to at least ask this question.

    Thx and have a lovely day !

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    1. Jack Nathaniel Mikhail

      hey bro i think OMA has been very professional and transparent about it.
      “At the same time, we call out to any aspiring translators or groups who wishes to take on this project to contact us at
      He has put it very honestly and with sincerity that they are willing to hand over the project. You should understand that handing over a translation project is like a parent handing over their precious child to the boarding school. You would definitely screen and ensure the other party first. You would not want t hand it over to someone irresponsible or immature. You would also want to ensure the commitment level and the translation quality of the recipient.
      Btw Im not affliated with any translation site. Im just a leacher who has some experience fanfiction sites and wattpad, used to write stuff with a club b4 passing it on =)
      Cheers and Im a fan of DBWG too!

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      1. Rapture

        Oh shit lmao
        Strangely enough i didn’t seem to pay attention to “At the same time, we call out to any aspiring translators or groups who wishes to take on this project to contact us at
        Well then i apologize for not seeing this part and i totally understand what you mean Jack. This is why i said that whatever the decision would be from OMA i will be happy so cheers and let’s hope every thing goes to the best for this two novels and for OMA too !

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